IModelElement Icons

My previous experiments with DDT were about to change how the Outline View looks like in DDT. It was a good exercise to understand the Eclipse plug-in development basics and learn Bruno’s code. However, it didn’t work out as I expected as it took quite a while to understand how the DLTK assist the plug-in to build a model from the source code. This IModelElement hierarchy represents the basic model of the project’s tree and therefore this is to be used by any graphical representation as it is in the ScriptView or the OutlineView.

Later Bruno unified the whole stuff in the DeeModelElementLabelProvider which works in three different context: Script View (navigation), Outline View (view), and the Completion Proposal (CodeAssist). As I can’t settle with the current icons I decided to change this bit of the code. Bruno made it clear that he wants to use the private/public/protected modifiers as an overlay, but I rather would not use that in the case of fields and methods. The reason for this is simple: The overlayed icons have limited space, and a field (variable) or a method (function) could possible have quite a few modifiers such as “private static immutable” thus having three overlays would look like quite crowded.

As a result, I brought my previous patch in play, adding the JDT’s icons for methods and fields. At the moment I didn’t add other things, but it only needs a little painting to get a private/public/protected overlay for other elements, such as classes, structs, enums, interfaces, etc.

I couldn’t find my complete previous work however: Previously I added the types/return types to all these fields, similarly to JDT. Anyway, the stuff looks like this right now:

The corresponding change set in the source code: r427c36a3c2e4

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